Scarab in Genshin Impact

The scarab in Genshin is a beetle that finds its rest in the vast ocean of sands. The gold pattern on the shell hints at its deep connection with the ancient ruins that litter the desert.

Where to find the Scarab in Genshin Impact

The question of where to find the Scarab in Genshin Impact can be answered with the description of this Sumeru curiosity. As it becomes clear, this material will be available on the territory of the ruins in the deserts of Sumeru.

In addition, it is known that a hidden quest will be available, for completing which you can get 4 gold scarabs in Genshin Impact.

Scarab location map in Genshin Impact:

Where to buy Scarab in Genshin Impact

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of where to buy the Scarab in Genshin Impact will be no. This is due to the fact that this resource is a curiosity of Sumeru, as well as a material for leveling Cyno, so it cannot be bought as well as some other curiosities, for example: Rukkhashava Mushrooms and Nilotpala Lotus.

What is the Scarab for in Genshin Impact?

At the moment, there is little to say about what the Scarab is needed for in Genshin Impact. The thing is, the only thing we know for sure right now is that you will need a Scarab in Genshin in order to level up a 5-star Cyno. Most likely, in the future, other characters will appear who will require this material to ascend, but more on that later.


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