Golden Slumber Complete Guide in Genshin Impact

Golden Slumber Complete Guide in Genshin Impact

The passage of the Golden Land of Dreams in Genshin Impact is worth starting with in order to determine the conditions. It is very important that you reach rank 35 of the adventure, otherwise you simply will not be able to start it. In addition, make sure that you have completed quest chains such as "Woodland Encounter. Aranyaka: Part I”, “Dream Nursery. Aranyaka: Part II”, “Nursery of Lost Dreams. Aranyaka: Part III" and "In the End, the Forest Will Remember".

Lost in the Sands in Genshin Impact

Starting Lost in the Sands in Genshin Impact. In Aaru Village, there is a merchant from Mondstadt who needs help from adventurers.

  • Go to Aaru Village and look for the merchant from Mondstadt

  • Follow the footprints and search for the archaeology team

  • Proceed onward and search for the archaeology team

  • Go to the bottom of the pit and look for clues
  • Talk to the three people

  • Talk to the fourth person in the distance

  • Meet the others with Jeht
  • Go to the area near the ruins together with Tirzad

  • Explore up ahead through the long corridor

  • Continue exploring

  • Defeat the opponents

  • Continue exploring

  • Talk to Tirzad

  • Continue investigating the ruins with Jeht

  • Investigate the strange machine

  • Report your findings to Jebrael

  • Talk to Tirzad
  • Talk to Jeht
  • Continue exploring and open the door

  • Continue exploring and look for an exit

  • Defeat the opponents
  • Open the door

  • Follow the path and continue exploring
  • Meet with Nachtigal
  • Follow the direction of the wind to find the exit
  • Leave the pit through the exit


You have left the pit with the archaeological team. Now it is time to head over to the oasis Jebrael mentioned and get ready to camp there.

  • Go to the oasis

  • Go high up to look for Jebrael

  • Return to the campsite 
  • Go to Khemenu Temple

  • Proceed deeper within Khemenu Temple

On both sides of the mechanisms that we can open:

We go into each of these rooms, kill all the mobs and light the pedestal.

  • Explore the lower level of Khemenu Temple   

  • Return to the previous room and look for clues  
  • Try to unlock the rooms located deep within

We move into each of the rooms, where we get to the hourglass. We turn them over and start the test. We will need to turn over two more pairs of hourglasses from the other two sides (it is better to have an Anemo character in the squad), and then we return to the first hour and turn them over. The test is coming to an end, and we rise higher and at the pedestal we unlock the clot, which we drive again:

Note: You can choose not to complete the clock challenge, but then you will not receive additional chests.

We carry clots. They will stop at the doors, opening them. After that, you need to unlock them again from the pedestal in which they "sat down". When you have taken away one clot, return to the place of the teleport and move in the opposite direction, into another room. You do the same things there.

In the second room, we need to climb to the red clusters of three pedestals, kill the mobs near them and the passage down will open.

We don't go down. We go again to the first pedestal, climb onto it and with the help of the Anemo-character we rise higher to fly to the top. There we select a triangle, which we insert into the platform below it:

We unlock the clot and lead it into the previously opened passage below. There will be a wind mechanism that will not miss our clot from the pedestal. Wait until it stops and only then unlock the clot, then it will move further:

  • Enter the room located deep within


The Secret of Al-Ahmar in Genshin Impact

Tirzad accidentally opened the hidden passage behind the mural. No one knows where it may lead…

  • Enter the secret passage behind the mural           
  • Ride the elevator            
  • Go to King Deshret’s Mausoleum             
  • Defeat the opponents  
  • Continue exploring         
  • Try to open the coffin

  • Find the way to the upper floor 
  • Go to the highest floor of King Deshret’s Mausoleum     
  • Follow the archaeological team
  • Find the members of the archaeology team         
  • Defeat the Fatui               
  • Find Benben     
  • Proceed deeper within to find Benben  
  • Go to the Fatui camp to search for clues
  • Defeat Samail and the Fatui        
  • Proceed deeper within the ruins 

We move to the required point. There we must open two doors opposite each other. Two installations at each door are turned in such a way that the rays go to the points near the door. Then it will open:  

We unlock the clot and lead it to the very central pedestals. Then we return to the second point.

We activate the first installation once and move it to the 2nd place. This will open the door, behind which is the third installation, we twist it until the beam goes to a point directly opposite.

We lead the second bunch to the central gate.

  • Investigate the room located deep within            
  • Investigate the container at the center of the room         
  • Defeat the Fatui               
  • Track Benben down       
  • Find your companions in the cave


Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand in Genshin Impact

The merchants and their Sumpter Beasts waiting in the oasis might be in danger. Hurry back to the camp in the oasis to secure Nachtigal’s safety.

  • Return to the oasis 

  • Defeat the Eremites       
  • Talk to Nachtigal              
  • Go to the next oasis       
  • Talk to Jebrael  
  • Talk to Tirzad    
  • Go to Khaj-Nisut              
  • Search for Khaj-Nisut    
  • Search for Khaj-Nisut    
  • Go to the Eremites’ camp            
  • Talk to The Eremites      
  • Defeat the Eremites       
  • Talk to Jeht        
  • Search for clues in the Eremites’ camp

  • Report back to Jebrael on the discovered clues  
  • Pass the three trials

Go to the points, go into the caves and activate the mechanisms. They will open the entrances down, we go down and by touch we go through an invisible labyrinth that will lead you down. At the second point, go down in the same way, refer 2 triangles to the platforms, turn the installation so that a beam appears and touch another mechanism on the left:

Move through the passage on the left, pick up 2 triangles there and carry to the platforms. On one of these, touch the cage.

There we find a chest with the 1st stone, insert it into the corresponding gate, then the second one, which is also inserted into the corresponding gate. The third point is the easiest. You just have to clear the mobs on two levels.    

  • Find the way to Khaj-Nisut          
  • Enter Khaj-Nisut              
  • Continue exploring         
  • Explore Khaj-Nisut’s lower floor
  • Descend further              
  • Activate Plinth(s) of the Secret Rites

Activate the mechanisms-books. Those that are closed open in bunches that unlock slightly below the mechanisms.        

  • Continue forward           
  • Activate the mechanism in the center of the hall
  • Go to Khaj-Nisut’s upper floor   
  • Operate Prism of Khaj-Nisut and try to reach Khaj-Nisut’s upper floor

You will need to raise all the platforms so that all the rays are connected in a square. To do this, move to the central platform. There you can change the color of the platforms by clicking "Switch" and move them through the "Operate". Everything is done quite simply. Start with the blue platforms first, repainting the red ones. Pick them up, then switch to red, pick them up, then back to blue and you'll complete the challenge:

We move to the mechanism, activate it and lower the platform. We rise above it.

  • Defeat the opponents  
  • Go to the upper floor    
  • Continue exploring         
  • Approach the throne     
  • Defeat Samail’s subordinates     
  • Escape from Khaj-Nisut
  • Return to Aaru Village



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