The Random Circumstances of a Rose's Blooming Achievement

The Random Circumstances of a Rose's Blooming in Genshin Impact is one of Sumeru's many accomplishments. During its completion, the Traveler will visit Collei house and help the girl rearrange the plants after reading her notes.

How to get The Random Circumstances of a Rose's Blooming achievement in Genshin Impact

Where to find the Collei house and records

Move to Dendro Statue of the Seven, which is east of Gandharva, and head towards the town. In the southeast direction of the area in question, look for a small house belonging to Collei.

There will be a book on the table, from where you can read how to care for flowers. Click the interaction button (default F) next to it.

Where to rearrange the Collei flower

During the dialogue with Paimon, the baby will tell the Traveler that one of the plants in Collei house needs to be rearranged. Apparently, the girl did not have time to do this earlier, and the wrong location can adversely affect its flowering.

Take the plant with bright purple petals by the window and exit the house. Next to the outer wall, the area where you need to leave the flower will be highlighted.

Read the letter

Wait one real day. Then return to Collei: this time there will be a note on the table - read it.


In addition to completing The Random Circumstances of a Rose's Blooming achievement, which will bring the Traveler 5 Primogems, he will also receive:

  • 3 Hero's Wit;
  • 26.500 mora.

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