How to Light the Invisible Torch in Sumeru

Invisible Torches in Genshin Impact are found in the expanses of Sumeru and hide chests. Interaction with them differs from that with ordinary torches: if earlier it was only necessary to apply the Pyro element on structures, now the torch must be returned to the world of Teyvat, using the help of Tri-Lakshana Creatures called Tri-Yana Seeds.

How to Light the Invisible Torch in Sumeru

Who to take to the squad?

To unleash Invisible torches, you need to perform a sequence of actions with the help of heroes of certain elements. You will need:

  • An electro hero, preferably an archer or a catalyst: Lisa, Fischl, Yae Miko, Kujou Sara. Needed to interact with the Tri-Yana Seeds and the manifestation of the torch.
  • Pyro character to activate the torch in Sumeru: Amber, Yoimiya, Yanfei, Bennett.
  • Dendro is a hero to bring to life some burnt seeds of the triana: Collei, Tighnari, Dendro Traveler.

These characters are needed to solve puzzles.

How to find Invisible Torch

Transparent torches are characterized by a blue glow. They are not in the physical world and cannot be interacted with. The blue silhouette shows where the structure will be if it is developed. The farther the character is from the device, the harder it is to see it.

An interactive map of Sumeru shows the location of all of the region's mysteries, including the Tri-Yana Seeds next to the invisible torches.

How to find Tri-Yana Seeds

Creatures called Tri-Yana Seeds hover near invisible torches and other devices. Look like a fur ball with leaves on top. They are useful for finding hidden objects.

How to activate invisible torch

The torch will manifest if you wait until the seed gets to it, and apply the electro element to it by any of the characters. If the seed does not move, you must first revive it. If it moves and flies away, you just have to wait for it. As soon as you activate the seed, the torch will change from invisible to normal.

Seeds have 3 states:

  • Scorched. Does not move.
  • Normal. Moves.
  • Activated. Moves, simultaneously emits light.

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