How to Use Ultra hot Burner Lamp Test Model

Ultra hot Burner Lamp Test Model in Genshin Impact is a 4* tool from Sumeru that can be obtained by leveling up reputation levels in the region. The invention of the Academy serves to optimize the cooking process through a special design that uses an open fire.

How to get Ultra hot Burner Lamp Test Model?

Ultra hot Burner Lamp Test Model is given to the Traveler in a single copy upon reaching reputation level 5 in Sumeru. In order to find out the current level, as well as see the full list of rewards, you need to find an Effendi scientist who is engaged in hiring adventurers.

To increase the level of reputation, players are offered:

  • execution of orders for monsters;
  • fulfillment of special requests of residents;
  • study of the map of the region;
  • completion of story quests and tasks of the world.

What is Ultra hot Burner Lamp Test Model for?

From the item's description, it is known that the Ultra hot Burner Lamp Test Model was created by the students of Sumeru Academy in order to greatly reduce the time it takes to cook food. The process takes place by using the energy of minerals in the Ultra hot Burner Lamp Test Model, which allows you to achieve ultra-high temperatures and reduce waiting times to a minimum. Prepare food for cooking faster with the Ultra hot Burner Lamp Test Model.

How to use Ultra hot Burner Lamp Test Model in Genshin Impact?

You can find the Ultra hot Burner Lamp Test Model in the Inventory under the Precious Item tab. You do not need to activate it, the tool works autonomously.

To start using, open the Procurement of Ingredients tab in the cooking window (for this you need to use any available fire or stove). Select the desired ingredient and start cooking it, so that an additional button "Accelerate" appears.

In the window that opens, you can select any of the minerals in your inventory. Based on the total amount of cooking time indicated (if you are preparing several products at once), enter the amount of selected materials that you are going to spend.

The principle of operation is as follows: each ore reduces the production time by a certain number of seconds.

You can speed up cooking an unlimited number of times, until the ingredient is fully cooked.

Thus, the value of minerals is as follows:

  • Iron Chunk (20 sec)
  • White Iron Chunk (40 sec)
  • Crystal Chunk (60 sec)
  • Magic Crystal Chunk (60 sec)
  • Starsilver (40 sec)
  • Amethyst Lump (60 sec)

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