Achievement The Lengthy Reunion in Genshin Impact

The Lengthy Reunion achievement in Genshin Impact can be obtained in Sumeru by escorting a Sumpter Beast to its owner. The condition sounds simple: it is enough to walk a certain distance with the animal, keeping close to it. In fact, this is a difficult achievement, since it takes a long time to go, and mobs encountered along the way, accidentally pressing an attack, etc. can disrupt the process. path.

Follow the Sumpter Beast until it finds its owner to unlock The Lengthy Reunion achievement in Genshin Impact. In the guide, we will show you where to find the Sumpter Beast and give tips on escorting it.

How to complete The Lengthy Reunion in Genshin Impact

Where to find Sumpter Beast

A Sumpter Beast walks along the road near the Statue of the Seven in Vissudha Field. It is impossible to specify the exact point, because after appearing in the visibility zone, the animal immediately begins to follow its route. To find it, teleport to the Statue of the Seven and immediately go around the area indicated on the map.

Important: it is better to go to the Sumpter Beast as quickly as possible. If the animal managed to go beyond the specified route, most likely, the attempt will have to be repeated again.

Follow the Sumpter Beast: Tips

In order to escort the Sumpter Beast and get The Lengthy Reunion achievement, you need to bypass or kill all the enemies along the way. In reality, this is difficult, because there is a high probability of hitting the beast with AOE damage or moving too far and knocking down all progress. Encountering some enemies also causes the Sumpter Beast to aggro and break the path.

It is highly recommended to walk along the entire route in advance and eliminate all enemies nearby. Kill everyone who could potentially come close to the road and attack: the whole journey takes 7-10 minutes, it will be a shame to try again because of a small mistake. Don't forget to clear the Desert camp at the end of the route, as they can also interfere, and also remove the Wither zone along the way.

In order not to disrupt the achievement, avoid using any abilities and attacks while escorting the Sumpter Beast.

You can temporarily toggle the Elemental Skill and Explosion keys in the options to prevent the missclick. To do this, go to the menu, open the settings and select the "Buttons" tab. The accidental use of skills will not please the Sumpter Beast, because of which he will have to start over.

Try to stay as close to the animal as possible. When moving farther away, the achievement process is interrupted. As a result, the achievement will not be counted, even if you complete the entire route to the end. Walk in front, not behind the bull so that it does not attack.

If something went wrong, restart the game or teleport to the Statue of the Seven, near which the Sumpter Beast walked earlier. This will reset all progress: the animal will return to the beginning of the route, it will be possible to try again.

Do not kill the Sumpter Beast before reaching the end of the route, even if you made a mistake along the way. The achievement can still be obtained, but you will have to wait for the animal to respawn, and this takes a day. If you have already killed the beast, do not be discouraged, check it the next day and try again.

When you reach the end of the route and encounter the owner of the Sumpter Beast (Eremite), they will both become aggressive and attack. Kill both the Eremite and the animal.

A Exquisite chest will appear. Open it to get The Lengthy Reunion achievement from the Wonders of the World section.


For completing The Lengthy Reunion achievement, you get 5 primogems and a Exquisite chest at the end of the route.


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