Where to get Chaos Storage, Module and Bolt

Chaos Storage, Module and Bolt in Genshin Impact are Sumeru's weapon and Hero Ascension materials. They are found as an element of ruin drake - ancient guardians that live in the kingdom of Dendro Archon. The drop of the resource depends on the level of the enemy, but you can get it in other ways.

Check out this guide to find out where you can always buy and find chaos modules and bolt in Genshin Impact. We will pay special attention to weapons and heroes who need these items for exaltation.

Where to find Chaos Storage in Genshin Impact

Parts drop from Ruin Drake, walking and flying. The rarity of the item depends on the level of the defeated enemy:

  • Chaos Storage - 1+ lvl.
  • Chaos Module - 40+ lvl.
  • Chaos Bolt - 60+ lvl.

Where to buy Chaos Storage, Module and Bolt

Paimon's shop has all kinds of parts that can be bought with a special currency:

  • Storage - 5 Masterless Stardust. Monthly purchase limit: 16 pcs.
  • Module - 15 Masterless Stardust. Limit: 12 units.
  • Bolt - 2 Masterless Stardust. Maximum purchase quantity: 8 units.

The number of items available for purchase, although limited, is updated once a month.

How to craft Chaos Module and Bolt

Use the alchemy workbench to craft items. 3 parts of lower rarity can be converted to a higher part:

  • Craft 1 Module with 3 Storage and 50 mora.
  • 1 Bolt of 3 modules and 125 mora.

Sucrose's passive will allow you to make an additional weapon/character exalted item with a 10% chance.

What are the Chaos Storage, Module and Bolt for?

As of patch 3.0, the material is not used when ascending characters.

Weapon Ascension Material

Use parts from the guardians of the ruins to overcome the cap for pumping the next Sumeru weapon.


  • Sapwood Blade (4⭐).

Two-handed swords:

  • Makhaira Aquamarine (4⭐).
  • Forest Regalia (4⭐).


  • Moonpiercer (4⭐).
  • Staff of the Scarlet Sands (5⭐).

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