All Sumeru Radiant Spincrystal Locations

The release of the Dendro Kingdom marked the appearance of the 9 Sumeru Radiant Spincrystal in Genshin Impact. These are items that serve as a music record in the Serenitea Pot. After finding one of them, the player receives a composition that can be played on decor items Furnishings Euphonium Unbound: Winding and Euphonium Unbound: Soaring.

In this guide, we will show in detail where to find Sumeru Radiant Spincrystal hidden in the open world of the Dendro Kingdom in Genshin Impact.

Where to find all Sumeru Radiant Spincrystal in Genshin Impact

On the world map of the Dendro region, 9 points are displayed, indicating hidden Radiant Spincrystal.

Radiant Spincrystals 73

From the teleportation point, which stands on a cliff, a broken hut is visible, on one of the boxes near which a Radiant Spincrystals 73 was left. You just need to glide down and pick up an ownerless item.

Radiant Spincrystals 74

In Vanaran, start from the Statue of the Seven, go out into the village and look to the right, towards the old stump, near which there is an aranara hut with a four-leafed symbol on the roof. Hook on it and fly to the water lily, then use the second four-leaf symbol and, finally, move a third time to the highest leaf growing near the stump. Here Fungus and Dendroshroom guard the reward.

Radiant Spincrystals 75

From the teleportation point near the Tower of Abject Pride dungeon, go down the path to the aranara's house. Inside, on a shelf, is the 75th Radiant Spincrystal.

Radiant Spincrystals 76

It is convenient to start from the Statue of the Seven to the north of the place. Plan on brushing a huge golem in the area of Mountain Devantaka. The Radiant Spincrystal is visible from a bird's eye view.

Radiant Spincrystals 77

Go to the cave under Mountain Devantaka. If you have not opened this location, then you can plan to the entrance from the Statue of the Seven, which is to the north. Move deeper into the cave, turning right, and you will see 2 gears sticking out of the ground. You need to climb on one of the details: there is the 77th Radiant Spincrystal.

Radiant Spincrystals 78

From the teleportation point, which is south of the desired location, turn north, go a little down the stairs and see the roof of one of the buildings of the capital of Sumeru. Plan there and take Radiant Spincrystal 78.

Radiant Spincrystals 79

From the bridge teleporter, glide down to the floor with the toy makers Fayez and Mamdouh. Around the corner of their hut, on a box, lies another Radiant Spincrystal.

Radiant Spincrystals 80

The item is located in the capital of Sumeru. It lies on a crate on the right side of the Lambad tavern building.

Radiant Spincrystals 81

From the extreme teleportation point of the region, which is in the southwest, look down from the cliff, and you will see the dwelling of the aranara. Glide down and grab the four-leaf symbol hovering over the roof. The task is to climb to the peak of the roof of the house and pick up the lying Radiant Spincrystal 81.


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