What are Vision in Genshin Impact?

A Vision in Genshin Impact is a magical item that grants the ability to control the elements. The Archons give it out only to the worthy. But what price will have to be paid for their mercy? How to get it, and what is it for?

What are Vision in Genshin Impact?

A Vision is a magical artifact that allows the wearer to control elemental forces. To subdue the elements, a person must carry this item with him.

Why give vision in Genshin Impact?

It is believed that those who were able to attract the attention of the Archons receive their grace - Vision. This artifact is supposed to help the chosen ones achieve their desires. However, you will have to pay a considerable price for this.

It is not known who gives Vision - the Archon of a certain element or region. Perhaps the person should get the attention of both. There are also hints that Celestia determines the chosen one.

However, there are criteria that a person must have in order to receive a particular Vision. To learn about them, you need to read the description of gems:

  • Anemo - turquoise Wayuda: “Winds can change their direction. Someday they will blow towards a better future… Accept my blessings and live freely!” The criterion is the fight against the shackles that bind people. They interfere with achieving goals and desires, and the only way out is gaining freedom.
  • Pyro - agnat Agnidus: “A pilgrimage for a desire, a battle for a name… Burnt to the ground for a dream. Intentions have not gone away, and he has achieved the truth. The criterion is purposefulness. Pyro characters have great ambition and a desire to achieve their goal.
  • Hydro Lapis Lazuli Varunada: “My ideals are crystal clear! Let me correct you... In the Vision, people are sinless... Only the laws and the Tribunal can judge. They can even judge me. So exalt my splendor and integrity. The criterion is ideals. Strongly believing in any principles, rules, qualities, they become ideals in the eyes of a person.
  • Electro – Amethyst Vajrad: “This body is the noblest and most prominent of all in this world. It must certainly rule over this world. One day it promised to fulfill the dream of the people - an unchanging eternity. The criterion is control. Electro characters are trying to keep order and control all the changes in different aspects of life.
  • Cryo - jade Shivada: “... I'm sorry ... What made you take all the grievances of the world upon yourself. You withstood my cruel cold, which means you have a raging desire to burn. Then burn this old world for me." The criterion is conflict. It can be both a conflict with oneself and a conflict with the outside world.
  • Geo - topaz Prithiva: “The currency here is blood. I am the guarantor of diligence, wisdom and the future of the people. That is the trust I have placed. Betray him and you will desecrate my blood." The criterion is diligence, wisdom and the guarantor of the future. A person does not have to combine all three of these qualities at once in order to receive this Vision.

It is noteworthy that the same Vision can light up several times. The fact is that after the death of the owner, the artifact goes out and loses the ability to control the elements. However, if a worthy person picks it up, it can flare up again. This is what happened to the Vision Ningguang and Mona Megistus.

It is not possible to say anything about Dendro Vision until the release of the Sumeru region.

Why is Vision in Genshin Impact?

A Vision allows the wearer to control one of the seven elements: Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Dendro, Electro, Cryo, Geo. This ability should help a person achieve his desire.

Is it possible to destroy Vision?

A Vision cannot be destroyed. He is immune to all types of damage. So, for example, Sucrose conducted numerous experiments with this artifact, but it did not suffer.

Interestingly, the bearer can arbitrarily leave a gift from the Archons. In this case, Vision will go out, and the owner will not be able to use elemental powers. However, if a person returns to the artifact, it will light up again, and it will be possible to control the elements again.

In the event that Vision is forcibly taken away (as, for example, it was in Inazuma), then the person loses his memory and purpose in his life. He does not remember what he wanted, what were his aspirations and dreams.

Fake Vision: Delusion

Representatives of the Fatui organization are dissatisfied with the fact that the control of elemental forces is not available to all people. Therefore, they created special devices - the Delusion. These artifacts work in the same way as the Vision (the only difference is that you do not need to seek the mercy of the Archon to get it). However, the power of the Delusion can turn against its bearer and even kill him. One such example is Crepus Ragnwindr, Dilyuk's father.


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