Get Over Here! achievement in Genshin Impact

“Get Over Here!” achievement in Genshin Impact is categorized as Wonders of the World and is hidden. It can only be obtained in Sumeru for performing the correct actions in the battle with certain Fungus.

How to get “Get Over Here!” achievement in Genshin Impact

To get the “Get Over Here!” achievement, you need to shoot down a flying Fungus, so you only need to look for enemies of a certain category.

Where to find the flying Fungus

To get the achievement, you need to find exactly the flying molder. These are the Winged Dendroshroom and the Winged Cryoshroom. They differ from their counterparts in size and the presence of wings. They can be found in almost all parts of Sumeru, especially near the Withering Zones.

How to shoot down a flying Fungus

To shoot down a flying Fungus, you need to wait until it starts preparing for an attack. Then the enemy, while in the air, will be charged with elemental energy and emit particles, as well as rotate. At this point, you will need to shoot the Fungus, after which it will fall to the ground and the Traveler will unlock the achievement.


As soon as you kill the Fungus, you will earn an achievement and you can get 5 Primogems in the achievements section.


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