Mortal Travails: Series 3 Complete Guide in Genshin Impact

Mortal Travails: Series III in Genshin Impact is a set of four achievements related to collecting Sumeru's books. The Traveler finally had the opportunity to visit the famous Dendro Academy of the region and, of course, its library.

In this guide, we will show you how to collect the entire collection of books and complete the achievements from Mortal Travails: Series III in Genshin Impact.

How to complete Mortal Travails: Series III achievements in Genshin impact

The Essence of Flora

You can earn the Essence of Flora achievement as soon as you arrive in Sumeru. Add a Traveler to your squad and interact with any Statue of The Seven. In the list that appears, select "Resonate with Dendro". Now the character has the power of the element of plants, and another completed achievement has appeared in the set of achievements.

Reminiscence of Gurabad

Achievement of Reminiscence of Gurabad will be considered completed after finding the complete collection of books "The Tale of Shiruyeh and Shirin". You can collect it in the library of Sumeru Academy.

Bright as a Flame

To complete the achievement Bright as a Flame, you will need to collect a collection of books "The Folio of Foliage".

Farris' Journey

The Farris' Journey achievement is awarded after finding the complete collection of series of the Scroll of Streaming Song.


After completing all the tasks from the section, you can get:

  • Namecard Achievement: Roaming;
  • Primogems x20.
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