How to get wings of companionship in Genshin Impact

Many beginners are interested in how to get wings of companionship in Genshin Impact and without reading the dialogues, they can miss the moment when they have already received the glider. You will receive the wings of the first flight by default after you talk to Amber near the Barbatos Cathedral, which is located in Mondstadt. Amber will ask you to take an exam, after which you will receive a special flight license and a glider.

In order to put on the wings of companionship you will need:

  • open the character menu with the "C" key;
  • select the character you need;
  • in the lower right corner, click on the hanger icon and there you can select one of the companionship wings available to you.

If you don't know how to get companionship wings in Genshin Impact from those that are available in the menu, then you just need to click on them in the description on the right to read the details.

What to do if you didn’t give wings of companionship to Genshin Impact

In the event that you didn’t get the wings of companionship in Genshin Impact and you don’t know what to do, we recommend, first of all (if you don’t have a high rank yet), make sure that you really passed the exam from Amber, which we wrote about higher. If you passed it, but you still haven’t been given the wings, then open the character menu (“C”), in the “Closet” section (the hanger icon in the lower right corner of the screen), make sure that the wings are on.

If this did not help you, then most likely you have encountered a bug that you should write to technical support about. There they will tell you what to do and, perhaps, if it is confirmed that this is a problem on the part of the developers, you can receive a reward.

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